Debt Guide

Debt Management Plan

Are you without a plan for your debt problems?
A debt management plan could be the just the solution for you if do not qualify for an IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

A debt management plan allows you to make one low monthly repayment to your creditors and is designed for debts that are usually below £12,000

DPM - Debt Management Plans are arrangements between you and your creditors to enable the repayment of your debts with a regular payment you can afford.

Debt Management Plans are not usually legally binding.

Debt management plans will help you consolidate all your unsecured debts into one affordable monthly payment.

Debt Management Online

Debt Management Online from Debt Counsellors?
If you are worried about your debt problems help is on hand! The Debt Counsellors offer free and impartial advice online. Simply click on this link to access our online debt chat - Chat Online Now

You are not alone, the nation's personal debt has reached record levels of more than £1.28 trillion and rising all the time with credit card debt alone representing more than £54bn.

The Debt Counsellors offer debt management advice online and could help replace your debt with one affordable monthly payment that works out less expensive than paying off the cards with their interest rates over the same period of time. You could also qualify for an IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

Debt Management Qualification

The Debt Counsellors can arrange a Debt Management plan for monthly payments from as little as £100 to help get back in control of your finances.
The advantages of debt management are:

  • You only make one monthly payment that you can realistically afford.
  • All contact between you and your creditor is taken care of.
  • You will not receive any late payment fees and interest can be adjusted or stopped.
  • Ideal for lower debt amount when an IVA may not be appropriate.