Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation loans in the UK for tenants and homeowners can reduce your monthly bills by up to 66%.

But you must get professional advice to find out if a debt consolidation loan is right for your problems

Debt consolidation loans can clear all your existing credit cards, loans and other debts and replace them all with one single lower monthly payment.

Debt consolidation loans in the UK can be used for any purpose aside from debt such as car and auto, home improvement, business, mortgage, remortgage and else.
But a debt consolidation loan might not be right for you so please speak to a professional debt counsellor first...

Secured Debt Consolidation Loans UK

Secured debt consolidation loans in the UK for homeowners and attract the best loan rates. If you are a UK homeowner and wish to get a no obligation quote (see below), please note that your house will be used as security against a secured loan.

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans UK

Unsecured debt consolidation loans for tenants and homeowners are available. We have helped thousands of people like you decide whether or not an unsecured debt consolidation loan is right for them.


An IVA, or Individual Voluntary Arrangement, is a legal process for people with serious debt and insolvency issues and can be good alternative for someone with higher debt amounts

If you have debts over £13,000 this can well be the answer to your problems!

An IVA is arranged by an insolvency practitioner, who looks into the individual’s debts and draws up a proposal for creditors, which is presented and voted upon at a specially arranged meeting.

If creditors representing 75% or more of the debt vote in favour of the proposal, the IVA goes ahead.

Under the terms of the arrangement, a large percentage of the overall debt can be written off and the rest is paid off in monthly instalments over five years.

You could become debt free in 60 months.

Debt Management – Helping you manage debt more effectively. At Debt Counsellors we believe in finding the best debt management programme for your needs, not ours. Whether it's an IVA, Debt Management or secured loans, we will give the best debt advice for your needs.